» History of Backgammon
» Backgammon Rules
» Three Basic Strategies
» Sample Game of Backgammon
» Backgammon as a Gambling Game
» Backgammon in the Middle East and Asia
» Backgammon and Poker Links
» Gammon Empire Review
» Backgammon Set Buying Guide

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Backgammon Pit gives you essential backgammon resources: from the history of the game and rules of play to advanced backgammon strategies. You’ll find Web pages packed with tips to improve your game.

It is recommended that you pick up a few backgammon books if you want detailed and complete information about the game. Look at the selection of classic backgammon books on Amazon.com now!

Learn How to Play Backgammon

This step-by-step guide for the absolute beginner will get you started in no time. Three main topics are covered: backgammon rules, basic strategies and sample game analysis. Read More ...

Gammon Empire Review

Gammon Empire offers an exciting online interpretation of the classic board game. Is it worthwhile to sign up? Read More ...

Backgammon Set Buying Guide

What to look for in a backgammon set, materials to choose from, and where to find the best deals online. Read More ...

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